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Since January I can be found every Monday and Thursday morning in Klagenfurt at Alten Platz 28 in Biogena's Diagnostics Point. There I offer the possibility of taking blood for your individual micronutrient analysis on a wide variety of health topics. Have a look at and purchase your voucher for the BIOGENA DIAGNOSTICS POINT TEST and the micronutrient coaching with me today after the analysis. Appointments for blood collection can be booked directly in your Biogena store in Klagenfurt or Villach or you can send me an email to

What to expect

An exact method for analyzing your most important micronutrients in the body and a subsequent detailed consultation on how you can optimize these nutrients, which pure substances are recommended for replenishment and, last but not least, how you can improve the absorption of nutrients in the intestine. The intestine is our central organ for the absorption of all substances.  

" A healthy gut is the root of all health"

- Hippocrates -

Pipettieren Proben und Reagenzglas

State-of-the-art diagnostics

your blood samples  are sent to the GANZIMMUN laboratory for evaluation, one of the leading laboratories for micronutrient and microbiome tests, as well as mitochondrial diagnostics and broad fields of preventive diagnostics. A scientific apparatus in the background is constantly expanding and optimizing the entire spectrum.

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