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Private Practice

Dr. med. univ. Annette Langer

Complementary medicine Villach

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About me

Even before studying medicine, I knew that I would later want to work in complementary medicine. Homeopathy has accompanied me since I was a teenager, and I started my training while studying in Vienna.

After completing my studies, I completed my cycle at the LKH Villach.

The constant urge for a deeper understanding of illness came across a fundamentally important organ in this context; our intestines. Fascinated by the complexity of this organ, I began my training as an FX Mayr doctor, as well as further training in orthomolecular medicine, functional myodiagnostics (FMD) and heart rate variability (HRV).

I worked for 5 years in the FX Original Health Center in Dellach am Wörthersee with exactly this spectrum and was able to see in the intensive work with my patients how body and mind begin to regulate and rhythmize when mainly draining procedures are used and at the right moment is replenished with the necessary substance.

When I'm not working I love spending time with my two daughters and doing sports.


Education and training

  • Study of human medicine in Vienna

  • Training to become a general practitioner

  • ÖÄK Diploma for emergency medicine

  • ÖÄK diploma homeopathy

  • ÖÄK Diploma in Orthomolecular Medicine

  • ÖÄK Diploma Diagnostics and Therapy according to Dr. FX Mayr

  • ÖÄK Diploma Functional Myodiagnostics

  • certified HRV professional

  • DFP diploma


Range of services

Bioidentical hormone therapy


Based on an analysis of blood and saliva, bioidentical hormones tailored to your individual needs are used. Obtained from the yam root, these hormones are processed in such a way that they work exactly like the body's own hormones according to the lock and key principle. In this way, defects can be filled very effectively and, above all, free of side effects. Areas of application range from menopausal symptoms to premenstrual symptoms, polycystic ovaries and myomas to migraines and symptoms of exhaustion.



The Hirudotherpy come on for over 2000 years for use in all types of rheumatic complaints, jointinflammation- and swelling, etc. Rhizarthrosis, arthritis of the small joints of the fingers, activated knee joint arthrosis. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic enzymes from the saliva of the leeches very often lead to a long-lasting improvement in pain intensity and mobility of the joint concerned, so that upcoming operations are either unnecessary or can be postponed. The therapy itself is very painless. Only a slight stinging like from nettles can be felt.



Organisches Gemüse

Orthomolecular Medicine



Through a special examination that goes beyond the conventional blood analysis, micronutrients and minerals such as zinc or selenium and magnesium are determined intracellularly. Since the cell is the actual site of action for many of our required mineral and trace elements, this analysis is much more meaningful and reliably reveals any deficiencies that may be present. Oral or infusion therapies deliver these micronutrients to the body and thus to the cell so that metabolic performance, detoxification and energy generation in our cell power plants, the mitochondria, are ensured and optimized.

Corresponding regeneration and sustainable development of the intestinal flora also significantly improves micronutrient absorption through food.

Orthomolekulare Medizin
Bioidente Hormontheapie

Microbiome analysis


Obesity, diabetes, depression, metabolic disorders, rheumatic diseases - the spectrum is wide. Many diseases have a disturbed intestinal flora as the underlying cause or as an intensifier of existing symptoms. In a special stool genetic examination, disproportions in our intestinal bacteria can be uncovered and treated accordingly. The result is increased hormone and vitamin production ( serotonin and B12, for example, are produced in the intestinal flora), improved digestive performance and less production of toxins in the intestine.




" Similia similibus curentur" - "The like should be cured with the like" - Samuel Hahnemann 1796

That is the working principle of classical homeopathy. The entire spectrum of symptoms of a person is reflected in a remedy from the plant, animal or mineral kingdom.

In order to be able to grasp these symptoms and signs of a person exactly, I take the time in a detailed conversation with you. I offer these conversations either directly in my ordination or via telemedicine via video conference. You can also use my online booking tool for this.

Based on the detailed breakdown of your symptoms, I can then draw from the huge pool of medicines and find the remedy that best suits you as a whole.

For example, it is not only your physical symptoms that are important, but also everyday things that define us and individualize us.

So it is valuable to find out which foods you particularly crave or which foods you are very averse to (regardless of the health aspect). H ow to provide you with your sleep as your perception of temperature and weather conditions that make?

This makes homeopathy a holistic and very individual therapy, especially for functional disorders for which no physical causes can be found, or for chronic or acute diseases. The right medicine stimulates your self-regulation.

homöopathische Flaschen

Heavy metal diagnostic

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, nickel or aluminum can accumulate in our body and disrupt sensitive systems such as enzymes, detoxification, the hormone balance or our intestinal flora. A substance called a chelate (eg DMPS), which is administered intravenously, binds heavy metals in the body and causes them to be eliminated. The exposure can thus be quantified by means of a urinalysis. After that, after checking the detoxification performance, another diversion can be forced.

Indications for a heavy metal analysis: Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's or epilepsy, depression, diabetes mellitus, chron. Intestinal complaints, autoimmune diseases, alopecia and much more.



Drogen- und Spritze
Funktionelle Myodiagnostik

Functional myodiagnostics


Mainly used for diagnostics, the muscle serves as a test instrument. Various stimuli change the muscle reaction and can reveal influences that are harmful to health, e.g.


  • Food intolerance

  • Incorrect colonization in the intestine, fungi or parasites

  • Disturbance fields such as scars or inflammatory foci (teeth, tonsils, paranasal sinuses)

  • chronic infections

  • Micronutrient deficiencies

  • Structural blockages in the musculoskeletal system



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