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Online testset order

For more detailed diagnostics, you can easily order test sets for analyzing your intestinal hormone and stress profile on this page. These will be delivered to your home. Please carry out the test exactly as instructed and send it back to the laboratory with the enclosed shipping bag. At the same time, you can book an appointment for your online coaching or an appointment on site with me in the ordination. At this first appointment, we take a detailed anamnesis, discuss your existing findings and create a therapy plan.

Please always note that online coaching does not replace a medical examination and on-site therapy. In the event of acute complaints or pain, I would therefore ask you to have your doctor examine you at home and treat you.


MEDIVERE hormone profiles

Order on:

Follow the instructions 

Practice code: 79784
Analysis code for the women : 4503     Analysis code for man: 4509
Give your E-mail  Enter the address, tick the box as shown in the image, complete  Your  data and send the order.

IMPORTANT: Tick SELF-PAYER and not private patient
Cost: €101.77

Screenshot HC Frau.png
Mann HC.png
Cortisol TP.png
Intestinal profiles from MEDIVERE


Follow the guide:

Practice code: 79784
Analysis code for intestinal health check (flora status) with zonulin and histamine 1186  (Costs: €138.85 without histamine, histamine additionally €33.22 )

IMPORTANT: Tick self-payers!




Follow the guide:

Practice code: 79784
Analysis code: 9826

This test is my personal recommendation,  because  the analysis is much more precise, in adults it is necessary at most once a year.

Costs: €238.78 without histamine, with histamine an additional €33.22

Important: tick self-payers!


bild 21.02.22 um 21.20.jpg


Folgen Sie der Anleitung:

Praxiscode: 81671
Analysecode: 5547

Mit diesem Test können zusätzlich zum Mikrobiom häufige Parasiten mitbestimmt werden.

Kosten: 377,45€

Wichtig: Selbstzahler ankreuzen!


Mikrobiom Parasiten.png
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